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Does It Have The Power To Build A Targeted List?

In This Lead Intelligence Review, I Explain If I Feel Lead Intelligence Is The Best Lead Intelligence Software.

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Dear Friend,

Lead Intelligence ReviewI didn't give Lead Intelligence a positive review in my video.  It's the first time I've ever done a negative review, but that doesn't mean I don't recommend buying it, but you will have to buy the first upsell.  That's what I didn't like about it.  What that said let's get into the Lead Intelligence Review.

Lead Intelligence is a lead intelligence software app.  It's unique, but I don't know if I can call it the best lead intelligence software if you only include the front end.  Lead intelligence requires an upsell in my opinion to make it work the best.

Here's how lead intelligence works...

Lead Intelligence sets up a video capture page that asks questions and surveys your visitors.  The logic in lead intelligence then gives different outcomes based on the way your visitor answers, so you basically create a targeted email list like this.

Lead Intelligence Review: How Was Lead Intelligence Born

Trevor McHaffie the creator of Lead Intelligence, claims that with Lead Intelligence he was able to get 38% opens and 12% click through  with the survey method he uses.  This really had me with high hopes for lead intelligence, but as you'll see I didn't keep the faith throughout.

                intelligence review

Lead Intelligence Review:
Quick Breakdown On The Features & Meanings!

Lead intelligence has these features in the front end offer.  Again, it's one of those offers where you HAVE to buy the upsell, so I'ma little frustrated with that, but here are the features...

  • 5 Quiz Funnels - 3 questions for each quiz
  • 2 destination ending links
  • Add up to 500 leads to your account
  • 5 DFY Quiz Templates
  • Integrate with Aweber, GetResponse & Mailchimp.  (Must Get Upsell For Other Autoresponders)
  • Add custom tracking code to your quizzes
  • Share your quizzes on social media platforms
  • Basic Analytics

This sounds like it could be worth something, so let's break it all down highlighting the most important features.

Lead Intelligence Review:
The Quiz Funnels 3 Questions For Each Quiz
With Done For You Quizzes

Each question leads to a different offer based on how they answer the question.  You have them choose what offer would be best for them and it's a low key way to segment a list.

And example of how you would use this, would be something like saying...

"Do You Need Leads?'"

"Do You Need More Income?"

So the leads answer if they answer yes to that, they would get a traffic generation or list building offer.  If they answered the other they'd get a different offer like a make money online offer...

That's how the quizzes work.

And the NUMBER ONE THING I ACTUALLY LOVE ABOUT LEAD INTELLIGENCE IS... you have done for you quizzes like the one I made in the review video.  The done for you quizzes are powerful because it saves coming up with the idea.  I'ma big fan of DFY.

Lead Intelligence Review:
Deal Breaker... Can Only Add 500 Leads Say WHAT!

This flaw right here, makes me wanna tell you to not buy it, or either make sure you get the $37 upsell. 500 Leads!  I don't care if you got 100% open rate... 500 leads!  That barely, hardly enough.  You can make money with that, but you need a lot more than 500 Leads as your business grows.  This is so beginner level.

If Lead Intelligence would be less nickel and dime I would recommend it harder, but I still do recommend it because it's not crap or poor quality, LEAD INTELLIGENCE IS NOT A SCAM, and I still have three bonuses lined up for you.

Let's watch the video to find out more...

Lead Intelligence Review Video:
A Peak Inside The Software!

So As you see I was a little disappointed with Lead Intelligence, but I still recommend it IF you're going to buy the upsell.

Here's How I Can Help You...

5 lies of

I Put My Heart And Soul Into Every Product I Make And Every Affiliate Offer I Promote.  I Only Recommend Quality Products That Help You.

I Put My Heart And Soul Into Every Product I Make And Every Affiliate Offer I Promote.  I Only Recommend Quality Products That Help You.

Lead Intelligence Review: Bonuses & Alternative Product

So far my lead intelligence review has not been that bright, but I still recommend it & I'm giving you a great bonus package.

Lead Intelligence is a list building software, but the next thing you'll need is traffic that's why I'm giving you two traffic software.

Lead Intelligence Bonus #1: Equinox Pro

With Equinox You'll be able to find YouTube videos with thousands of views and redirect the dead links in the description.  It's the easiest way to make $100 - $500 a day because you can simply find relevant, targeted videos and hi-jack the traffic.

I used this strategy to get a whole YouTube channel with over a million views.  It all flows back to money loves School.

Lead Intelligence Bonus #2: Easy SEO Ninja

Easy SEO Ninja is my software from The Dream Life Pro.  It Allows you to find search difficulty for your keywords.  Simply stop trying to rank if it comes up red, you'll have a lot of competition if yellow, and it's a goldmine if you see green.  It's comparable to Jaxxy and Longtail pro without the actually keyword suggestion feature

Lead Intelligence Bonus #3: The Lost Code

This is my favorite Brendan Mace Product!  It teaches you how to market high ticket offers, and live the dream life style on the internet.

Now, you don't have to get Lead Intelligence to get my bonuses, as I said in the video I just added these three bonuses to WP Fast Funnel Builder.

Either way it goes you'll be fine, just remember with Lead Intelligence you need the first upsell to really make it worth something.

And Heck, if you want to get 'em both for $37 (Still get the first upsell with Lead Intelligence & then you can add your WP Fast Funnel Builder Page to the survey), you still get those original 9 bonuses that come with WP Fast Funnel Builder one of them is a quiz builder (not as robust as Lead Intelligence but comparable).  Make sure you really see the value in WP Fast Funnel Builder.

Click the buttons below now!

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It looks like your choice is a complete no-brainer, so I'm eagerly waiting to welcome you aboard!  

Justin Allen Hammonds 8hay


P.S. I am a real person.  You can call me 469-205-9727 or text me.  I don't bite.  Email me at Justin@GetMoneyLifetime.com

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